New Ai Tool – Sora By Open Ai Is Released With Amazing Results Of Text To Video Generator.

Sora – Open Ai

Text To Video Generator

(Open Ai – Sora can Replace Filmmakers ? Text To Video Generator – Future of AI )

This Ai Tool Can Create Any Video By Text In Just Couple Of Seconds.

Here Are Some Of The Amazing Results By Sora

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Official Clips By Open Ai :

Sora (the name is Japanese for “sky”) is not the first Ai tool Which Create Text To Video, but it looks more sophisticated than earlier efforts like Meta’s Make a Video AI. It can turn a brief text description into a detailed, high-definition film clip up to a minute long. For example, the prompt “A cat waking up its sleeping owner, demanding breakfast. The owner tries to ignore the cat, but the cat tries new tactics, and finally, the owner pulls out his secret stash of treats from underneath the pillow to hold off the cat a little longer,” produces a slick video clip that would go viral on any social network.

The announcement of Sora, which is still in the testing phase, has set off alarm bells in some circles of digital media.


“This is the thing that used to be able to transcend divisions because the photograph would certify that this is what happened,” says Fred Ritchin, former picture editor of The New York Times Magazine and author of “The Synthetic Eye: Photography Transformed in the Age of AI,” a book due out this fall.

“The guy getting attacked by a German shepherd in the Civil Rights Movement was getting attacked. You could argue, were the police correct or not correct to do what they did? But you had a starting point. We don’t have that anymore,” he says.

      Open Ai


The New Sora Ai is now the most Loved Ai tool . But the Sora is Not currently available for every users is available for some of the users but open Ai will Soon Give the official Announcement of Releasing it to the public. For now you  can only see the real magic of Ai.

Before that Open Ai Create another Ai is very popular among content creators and public is Chat GPT and the Chat GPT is free to use in starting But now it under the membership. So we can take it in our mind that the Sora is also Free to use for some time for all the users but after sometime it will be subscription based.

Sora can also Convert Still image into Video In few seconds.

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